The Artistic Reality Thru Search Business Program is a music business program geared towards the mentorship and education of the different career paths throughout the music business. Its target is teenage high school students with a passion for music.


The programs founder Ian Holder says “When I first began my journey into music half way through college, I thought the only way to do it was by being an artist. While many share this thought, the Reality is that not all of us posses an Artistic superiority.  And though some of us don’t share in the ability, it doesn’t mean that we aren’t talented in other ways. Without discouraging any students musical aspiration, the goal is to help students realize they all posses natural abilities that is consistent with who we are as individuals. The goal of the program is that Thru Search, we can educate students on their career options throughout the music industry and help them become more informed. This has potential to not only change the lives of students, but to help evolve the future of the music industry as a whole starting with the youth. It’s a win/win.”


The Artistic Reality Thru Search (A.R.T.S) Business Program began as a pilot program with The Facing History High School in Midtown Manhattan in 2011. 

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